Electrolux – Ergospace Green EL4101A

The Ergospace Green EL4101A is a bagged canister vacuum cleaner of Electrolux. As every vacuum cleaner from the Green family it is eco-friendly, made from recycled materials, and has a high efficiency.

Vacuum Cleaner - Electrolux - Ergospace Green EL4101A

Electrolux – Ergospace Green EL4101A

Technical Specifications :

Motor Power : 1250 W
Bag capacity : 1.8 qt
Noise : 70 dB
Advanced filter : HEPA 12
Power cord length : 21 ft
Cleaning radius : 34 ft
Flow rate :  
Depression :
Power selector : oui
Color : Black&Green
Weight : 11 lbs
Size (inches) : 16x12x11
Manufacturer’s warranty : 5 years
Price : $299

Accessories :

Vacuum Cleaner - Electrolux - Ergospace Green EL4101A - Accessories

Electrolux Ergospace Green EL4101A – Accessories

  • Combination floor tool
  • Air-driven turbo brush
  • 3 in 1 tool

The standard floor tool can be used for smooth floors or carpeted surfaces. Its cleaning path is 10 inches wide. The turbo brush is intended for low-pile carpets and area rugs.

The 3 in 1 tool can be used as a dusting brush, an upholstery brush, or a crevice nozzle. When not in use, it can be placed on a the tube.

The green cord around the top of the vacuum cleaner is designed to protect your walls and furnitures from accidental shocks,  and can also be used to wrap the hose before putting the vacuum cleaner away.

The Ergospace Green is equipped with a washable HEPA 12 filter, to eliminate small particles and allergens. It also has a permanent filter protecting the motor.

Pros :

  • The Ergospace Green is efficient on on hard floors, and low pile carpets.
  • The motor has a high efficiency, which means a lower electrical consumption for the same performances.
  • A power selector wheel on the canister, can be used to adapt the suction (and the noise) to the floor that you are cleaning. An override opening is also accessible on the wand handle.
  • With the telescopic wand and a long hose, the Ergospace Green achieve a cleaning radius of 34 feet. The wand can be placed vertically in a holder on the back of the canister for easier storage.
  • The HEPA 12 filters the small particles and allergens, which is useful for asthmatic or allergic persons.
  • Low noise output.
  • The bags have an auto-seal closing, which seals the dust inside when you replace them.
  • The swivel hose can rotate at 360° to increase the maneuverability of the canister.
  • An indicator warns you when the dust bag is full.
  • Automatic cord retraction.

Cons :

  • Some people would prefer to have 3 different accessories, rather than a 3 in 1 took.
  • The canister blows hot air up, which avoid the scattering of floor dust but can be unpleasant for the user.
  • The durability is not good enough : some parts tend to break too easily.

Vacuum Cleaner - Electrolux - Ergospace Green EL4101A

Customer reviews

I would give it 5 stars but I’m not sure how long the plastic lid that holds the filters will last. It’s very light and the suction is the best I’ve used in years. But the plastic hinges that hold in the filter seems really cheap and I’m afraid it will break. But as far as the vacuum itself… well it works great for hardwood floors and the carpet really. It has two heads that you can change out for the floors or carpet. The retractable arm seems to be made of strong material. I am very happy with this purchase.
This vacuum was as represented good for hard floors not so great for carpet. It’s light weight, easy to pick up and carry and maneuvers nicely. I bought this for my 84 year old father because the controls are easy to use and it’s easy to pull through the house. Dad commented on how quiet it was compared to his old vacuum. The suction control is a nice feature. The three way device is difficult to use after I tried it I decided to use the shop vac crevice tool and brush instead. The floor attachment gets right up to the baseboard and under furniture easily. Another reviewer complained about the exhaust blowing out the top, since the hose is long it’s easy to avoid the exhaust. I preferred the top exhaust because it wasn’t blowing the dust bunnies on the floor all over the house. The bag is small but we cleaned a somewhat neglected 2400 square foot house for five days before we needed to change out the bag. The cover over the exhaust filter was a bit tricky to open but that’s something that you’d be doing once a year. I would recommend this vacuum for home use in a house that has wood, tile or other hard floors.

Our advice :

The Electrolux Ergospace Green EL4101A is a silent and compact canister vacuum cleaner. Its highly efficient motor does the job with a low power consumption. The performances are excellent on hard floors, and good on rugs, especially if you use the turbo brush. However, many customers experience broken parts after only a few months, which indicates an insufficient quality.

Rating : ★★★☆☆ 

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  • Alexander Baldal Apr 2, 2016, 8:10 pm

    I love my extra long tube and sucktion power. The bag is too small and should be reusable a few times, A bag with a ziplock better. I do take all filters and reverse blow them and after it works likea hurricane cyclone. But the nozzle, the mouth piece, the floor brush broke. It is of such complicated construction that it must break sometime soon. The kind of plastic used is not flexible enough, it has no spring in it, breaks at a small hit. I need a simple flexible nozzle only, Unbreakable please. Who can sell me this http://evacuumstore.com/images/PRODUCT/large/10754_7_.jpgthat, Make it reasonably simple please, and do not overcharge. Thank you.

  • Joan Stewart Apr 14, 2019, 2:36 pm

    How can I reverse the hose to blow rather than suck. I can’t find any instructions for this.

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