The OptiFlow MC-CG917 is a bagged canister vacuum cleaner of Panasonic. The OptiFlow technology aims to maintain a constant airflow through the dust bag as it’s filled. It is equipped with a motorized nozzle which is particularly efficient on carpets.

Vacuum Cleaner - Panasonic - Optiflow MC-CG917

Panasonic – Optiflow MC-CG917

Technical Specifications :

Motor Power : 1320 W
Bag capacity :
Noise :
Advanced filter : oui HEPA 12
Power cord length : 24 ft
Cleaning radius : 34 ft
Flow rate :
Depression :
Power selector : no
Color : Black&Green
Weight : 25 lbs
Size (inches) : 21.5x12x8.75
Manufacturer’s warranty : 1 year
Price : $299

Accessories :

Vacuum Cleaner - Panasonic - Optiflow MC-CG917 - Accessories

Panasonic Optiflow MC-CG917 – Accessories

  • Power nozzle
  • Mini power brush
  • Upholstery brush
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice nozzle

The power nozzle can be used for smooth floors or carpeted surfaces, with a 4-Position Carpet Height Adjustment. A bare floor switch on the handle deactivate the brushes in order to avoid damage to hard floors. The cleaning path is 14 inches wide. There is a headlight on the front.

The dusting brush, upholstery brush, and crevice nozzle can be stored inside the canister when they are not in use. The mini power brush (used for furniture or stairs) can be placed on the wand.

The Optiflow MC-CG917 uses a HEPA filter (reference MC-V194H), which have to be replaced about once a year. It requires MC-V150M bags. The bag is placed in a large caddy, for an easier emptying of dust. Three bags are included with the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner - Panasonic - Optiflow MC-CG917

Pros :

  • The OptiFlow MC-CG917 is very efficient on carpets, thanks to its motorized nozzle, and can also clean bare floors if you don’t forget to deactivate the brushes before doing so.
  • The 14″ wide cleaning path is very large for a canister vacuum cleaner,
  • The HEPA filter eliminates small particles and allergens.
  • The swivel hose can rotate at 360°, for improved maneuverability.
  • Many accessories are provided.
  • A convenient handle grip is placed on the top of the canister.
  • The telescopic wand can be adjusted to the height of the user.
  • Automatic cord retraction.

Cons :

  • Make sure to use the bare floor switch of the power nozzle when using it on your hard floors, otherwise it may damage them.
  • The OptiFlow MC-CG917 is heavy, which makes carrying it more difficult. The wand can be heavy too if you store the mini power brush on it.
  • There is no power selector : only a three way on/off switch on the handle : Off/Floor/Carpet. There is only a suction control opening on the handle, to reduce the airflow.
  • Although it uses an HEPA filter, this vacuum filter is not sealed, so some small dust could be rejected in the room.

Customer reviews

I’ve only had the vacuum for a week and there are some things I like and some things I don’t.
Pros – It has very good suction and picks up a lot of dirt. I love the cord rewind too. Its pretty easy to change to the mini power brush. And having the ability to switch from carpet to floor right on the handle is awesome.
Cons – The edge cleaning on the power nozzle sucks! I have to pull the dirt from the wall edge to the line of the vacuum to get it picked up. Otherwise, it skips right over it. Also, the wand will not stand up on its own. It keeps falling down which is really annoying. The mini power brush is nice but because its air-driven and not power-driven, its not really powerful.
The “OptiFlow” does exactly what you’d want a superior vacuum cleaner to do – it powerfully sucks up dirt, dust, cat hair, particles and anything else in its path and it does a great job on the edges. I love the long 24-foot power cord that reaches across any room (and quickly retracts), and the really convenient on-off switch at your fingertips on the handle. The vacuum’s handy motorized mini-brush is my new go-to tool for stairways. Nice selection of tools. (My only misgiving is about the durability of the tool area’s plastic cover hinges). Canisters can have minds of their own, but the Panasonic follows me around remarkably well without getting all twisted up, thanks to its 360 degree nozzle feature. It’s quite light to tug along or carry. Easy on the ears too – it’s so quiet it barely disturbs our sleeping cat.

Our advice :

The Panasonic OptiFlow MC-CG917 is a canister vacuum cleaner equipped with a motorized brush which could have been taken from an upright vacuum cleaner. This makes it very efficient on carpets, but with the brushes deactivated it can also be more versatile and clean bare floors.

The price is very reasonable considering the number of accessories provided. It’s a good choice if you have mostly carpets, otherwise you won’t fully take advantage of the (cumbersome) power nozzle.

Rating : ★★★¾☆ 

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  • Carol Palmer Jun 23, 2019, 2:44 pm

    Would be nice to be able to get all parts for vacuum including wheel for power head.
    Parts come up no longer available ! Can’t use power head without a wheel.

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