The Kompressor LcV900B PetCare Plus is a bagless canister vacuum cleaner of LG. Its particularity is to use a compression system to compact the dirt and dust collected, which allows to pick up more dirt before having to empty the bin.

Vacuum Cleaner - LG - Kompressor LcV900B

LG – Kompressor LcV900B

Technical Specifications :

Motor Power : 1320 W
Bin capacity : 2 qt
Noise : 79 dB
Advanced filter : oui HEPA
Power cord length : 21 ft
Cleaning radius : 31 ft
Flow rate :
Depression :
Power selector : oui
Color : Blue
Weight : 14.3 lbs
Size (inches) : 12x19x14
Manufacturer’s warranty : 5 years
Price : $399

Accessories :

Vacuum Cleaner - LG - Kompressor LcV900B - Accessories

LG Kompressor LcV900B – Accessories

  • Power nozzle
  • Dusting brush
  • Bare floor nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle

The power nozzle uses spinning brushes for a better cleaner of carpet and rugs. There are 4 height adjustments. Its cleaning path is 13.5 inches wide.

Controls on the handle can be used to adjust the suction (Max/Min), and to turn the agitator on or off.

The dusting brush can also function as an upholstery brush. The dusting brush, bare floor nozzle, and crevice nozzle can be stored on-board, inside the canister, when they are not in use.

The Kompressor LcV900B has a water washable  HEPA 12 filter, to eliminate small particles and allergens (a spare HEPA filter is included). There is also an additional permanent foam filter.

Vacuum Cleaner - LG - Kompressor LcV900B - Kompressor system

The compression system increases the capacity of the vacuum cleaner

Pros :

  • The Kompressor LcV900B is efficient on on hard floors, and also on carpets thanks to its power nozzle.
  • The power nozzle cleans well even on the edges (Dual Force technology, with air pathways on both sides).
  • The compression system isn’t indispensable, but makes the maintenance easier : you won’t have to empy the dust cup as often, an it’s easier to dispose of the dust.
  • The plastic dust cup is transparent, and there is also a light on the handle which tells you when to replace it.
  • Handle controls can be used to adapt the suction (and the noise) to the floor that you are cleaning.
  • The wheels are big and don’t get stuck.
  • There is a built-in storage for the accessories, so you always have an easy access to them.
  • The telescopic  aluminium wand can be locked on the back of the canister to make storage easier.
  • The HEPA filter eliminates the small particles and household allergens, which is useful for asthmatic or allergic persons.
  • Automatic cord retraction.
  • There is a five years warranty, including parts and labor.

Cons :

  • The Kompressor LcV900B is noisy, as most bagless vacuum cleaners.
  • The reliability could be improved. In particular, failures of the handle controls can happen, or break downs of the agitator.

Vacuum Cleaner - LG - Kompressor LcV900B

Customer reviews

This vacuum not only has exceptional suction power, but an excellent overall design. It’s lightweight, the auto-retracting cord actually auto-retracts instead of tangling itself, the various brush head attachments are amazingly powerful and can draw out forgotten dust from even the deepest carpet, the motor controls are optimally placed on the wand handle, the vacuum is balanced when you’re moving it around, and the entire appliance has a robust, strong quality about it. I don’t feel like I’m going to break it or damage it when cleaning up and down the stairs. The internal filters are easy to clean and the exit filter is thick and catches any remnants of dust that the previous array of filters missed. I actually feel like (and can confirm with the huge amount of dirt in the dust bin) I’m cleaning dirt out of my house, and not just blowing it around.
Pros: Best hard wood floor Vacuum I have used. The main tool is astounding on carpet, rugs, floors. The amount of pet hair it picked off my rugs was an eye opener. Controls are conveniently on the handle with several settings. The Kompressor function actually works. Long extension cord. Quality is closer to the Miele than the Dyson, which felt cheap. Quiet yet powerful with main motorized tool.
Cons: No agitating upholstery tool, very hard to get as an accessory for that function as well. In fact, most of the universal tools do not fit this vacuum well, and LG lacks in the accessory department. The pet tool found on the LCV800r would have been nice. This makes it very difficult to get pet hair off my couches, pillows, and other furniture. This vacuum does not maneuver well at all; I feel like I am dragging two bricks behind me. A bit heavier compared to the other vacuums.

Our advice :

The LG Kompressor LcV900B is a good canister vacuum cleaner, equipped with a motor brush with good performances on carpets. The compression system is more efficient on hair, so it will make more of a difference if you have pets.

The rating would be higher if it weren’t for the reliability problems that many customers tend to encounter after one or two years of use. Even with the 5-years warranty, it is still a hassle to deal with customer service and have the vacuum cleaner repaired.

Rating : ★★★½☆ 

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